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The Pinehurst Train Station

The train station stop for Pinehurst was the building that is currently between Builders First Source and Farrellgas off of NC Highway 5 in Aberdeen. The building location is currently Miss Belle’s Pet Spa (pictured above).

The station sat off Route 5 just below the white office building – same area where the ACW stores the Christmas Train. North of the station was a “WYE” – 2 tracks of which were on the overhead bridge over Route 5. It had at least two tracks possible, three CW overhead bridge over Route 5. One track lead south to Aberdeen, one to the East to the Pinehurst Power Plant (where the Pinehurst Brewery Company is now) and the last to the north and Asheboro.

Below is a time table that was used from the original Norfolk Southern Railway.

The time table used from the Pinehurst station.
Click image to see it bigger.

Some notes on the old NORFOLK SOUTHERN Time Table.
This is from the NSRR Steam Division section. This section covers the old ABERDEEN & ASHEBORO RR.

1. Notes for trains #70 & #71
It was 65 rail miles from Aberdeen to Asheboro and took 3 hours & 45 minutes. Your average speed is a little over 17mph. It is 6.1 rail miles between Aberdeen and Pinehurst and takes 20 minutes. Your average speed is a little over18 mph.

2. #70 and #71 would connect with Seaboard Air Line RR at Aberdeen Union Station and with the SOUTHERN at Asheboro. #100 & #101 connect with the SAL RR at Aberdeen Union Station.

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